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This is the location of National Landmark monument for the Louisiana Purchase Land Surveys –

“Headwaters swamps occur in ancient glacial outwash channels that are similar to shallow basins or bowls. These swamps are unusual because they are self-contained within these bowls. The water lever in theses swamps remain fairly consistent, instead of fluctuation like other bottomland swamps. The edges of the bowl may be wet for shorter periods of time, while center of the swamp remains fairly deep. Because these headwater swamps encompassed the watershed of the stream which fed them, they are very easy to drain and almost none of them remain today. The headwater swamp at the Louisiana Purchase marker is one of the largest remaining headwater swamps in the entire Mississippi River Valley.”

his tree habitat surrounds the location of the “Initial Point” Survey Marker for the Louisiana Purchase Territory which doubled the amount of states in the United States in 1803. The states added include: Louisiana (1812), Missouri (1821), Arkansas (1836), Iowa (1846), Minnesota (1858), Kansas (1861), Nebraska (1867), Colorado (1876), S. Dakota (1889), N. Dakota (1889), Montana (1889), Wyoming (1890), and Oklahoma (1907). The land was previously owned by France who purchased it from Spain.

A mixed species of bottomland hardwood trees are found within the boundaries of the Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park to include Bald cypress, Water Tupelo, Cottonwood, Persimmon, Black Willow, Oak species, Elm, Red Maple.

Location: Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park, Brinkley
Registration: January 9, 2004

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