Old State House Trees

All the trees on the Old State House Museum grounds are recognized because of their location on the grounds of the first capitol building of Arkansas for 170 years. They are shown in historic photographs of the Old State House dating to the Civil War some of which are of historic events that occurred on the grounds of the Old State House. One photograph shows the 3rd Minnesota Infantry standing under the trees in 1863/1864. The Old State House is a National Historic Landmark.

These trees at the Old State House (OSH) grounds were primarily recognized with their association to the Bill Clinton‟s 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns and his acceptance speech as the 42nd President of the United States. The older trees are further recognized as “history witness trees” for the different history eras of the Old State House (OSH): when it was a state capitol (1836-1911) as a new state (June 15, 1836; 25th state), Civil War Union Headquarters (1863-1865), first Arkansas Medical School (1912-1935), and as the Arkansas War Memorial Building (dedicated to the use of the American Legion, American Veterans of WWII, United Spanish War Veterans, and Veterans of Foreign Wars,1921-1947). These trees are seen through the years in the historic photographs.

On April 30, 2004, National Arbor Day, a Historic Tree Celebration was held on the Old State House Grounds with the debut of the new program brochure and website. A certificate presentation was made to the Old State House as their historic trees were officially recognized by the program.

Location: Old State House Museum, Little Rock
Registration: March 5, 2004

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