CCC Blue Spruce

CCC Spruce Tree 1 (From NW) (#20) Spruce  (7.23.04) (#20)

Dakota where spruce trees are more common. CCC Company #3795 constructed the buildings in this area of the park as part of Camp #2 (1934-1942). The nominated tree is to the right of the front door as you stand facing the front of the CCC Education Building.

The tree remains among the building fountain stones. The building was used for the CCC camp and is no longer there. Presently, the tree is located between the current playground (that surrounds the old flagpole in front of the building) and Lee Creek.

In October 2003, a tree boring was performed by the county forester, Kevin Hickie and determined that the tree was approximately 70 years old which would take it back to the 1933 which was the CCC time period at the park.

Location: Devil’s Den State Park, West Fork
Registration: August 6, 2004

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