Pinnacle Old Growth Cypress

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Twenty-one to forty cypress trees were core-dated in 1985 by the Department of Geography, University of Arkansas as part of a research project on old growth trees. The cypress trees were found to be over 500 years old at that time. The trees date back 100 to 500 years old and were dated within ranges of 1531 – 1889, + 30-50 years. Their research can prove the trees as 450 – 550 years old but since most of them had hollow center piths, they estimate that they are probably 100+ years older than their cores (550-650 years old) dating back to 1456 – 1356, around the time of the discovery of America, 1492. The trees are along the Little Maumelle River adjacent to the Kingfisher Trail and the Boat Dock Area in the Day-Use Area of Pinnacle Mountain State Park extending beyond in both directions. The cypress trees were left next to the shoreline when the fields were cleared for crops. These trees are considered significant old growth trees (600+ years old) for our state.

Location: Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Little Rock
Registration: August18, 2006
Species: Bald Cypress

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