Look-See White Oak

This large White Oak is located on a ridge in Drew County and served as a “Look-See” Tree or fire tower for the area by forest rangers. The original climbing spikes for a ladder and remnants of the telephone insulation wires for the old crank telephone are still present in the tree. The tree appears to have been topped at 32‟ where a crow‟s nest platform was laid down for the spotter. This Oak measures 50½“DBH and has grown over much of the artifacts of its use as a “Look-See” Tree. The Nominator/Owner, Olin Tucker‟s Uncle, Mr. A. O. Tucker was a Forest Ranger for the Arkansas Forestry Commission from 1937 to 1968 and used this “Look-See” tree early in his career.

According to the FY June1935 AFC Annual Report: “each ranger district had a selection of “Look-see” trees which were tall trees selected on high points along patrol routes. These trees are spiked for easy climbing and prove of great value during periods of poor visibility. After a towerman in his lookout tower has discovered a forest fire, he calls another towerman over the forest telephone lines. After the two towermen have made “cross-shots” on the fire, it may be accurately located and ground crews of fire fighters are dispatched to within a few hundred feet of it.”

Location: Coleman
Registration: August18, 2006
Species: White Oak

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