Augusta Memorial Park Cemetery Oak

This large overcup oak located on the top of the hill of the cemetery which is the resting place for many notable Arkansans dating back to the early 1800‟s. It is the burial grounds of the Chickasaw Indians before the settlers formed the town. There is a historic crossing in the town called the “Chickasaw Crossing” on the White River and was used by the Chickasaw and other Indian tribes because it is a high point and safe from the periodic river overflows and the tribes used that area to gather for war councils or smoke peace pipes. It is also rumored that the famous outlaw, Confederate partisan cavalry commander William Clarke Quantrill is buried beneath the tree under an alias, L. J. Crocker. This tree is historically significant for its association with a significant landmark (i.e. cemetery) in Augusta with a secondary listing as a tree that has the potential to yield significant cultural information about the Chickasaw Indians in the area.

Location: Augusta
Registration: May18, 2007
Species: Overcup Oak

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