Wye Mountain Daffodil Oak

ZZ-0897 ZZ-0986 WyeMtnTree

This large oak stands on top of a hill in the middle of the daffodil field (c. 1948), and is next to a large cross and adjacent to Wye United Methodist Church in Wye. This tree was present before the daffodils were originally planted in 1948 by Austin Harman (1882-1965). He leased the field from the Church and planted the fields with daffodils to sell the blooms to TGY Stores in Arkansas/Oklahoma that he would deliver himself. He gave a percentage of his profit to the church. There are 30 varieties of daffodils. After his death in 1965, the field was opened to the public for viewing in March during the blooming season. While in bloom, the church members sell the bulbs and allow visitors to pick the older flowers for a nominal fee. The field is open to the public during the day and is managed by church members. The large oak is a landmark for the daffodil field and many people use the tree as a backdrop for photos. This oak is registered as is associated with a significant landmark (daffodil field) in the central Arkansas region.

Location: United Methodist Church in Wye
Residence:  May18, 2007
Species:  Red Oak

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