Central High School Trees

Central Broch Framed Pic - DSC07897 Smlr Central FR South Corner - DSC07880 Smlr2

Approximately twenty-eight existing trees on the Central High School (c. 1927) campus (oaks, elm, sweetgum, cedar, pine) are old enough to be present in September 1957. However, nine trees along the front campus area were identified and submitted as the “Little Rock Nine Witness Trees” as present during the 1957 Civil Rights Crisis.

The Central High School Trees to include the “Little Rock Nine Witness Trees” were primarily recognized for their association with a significant event (i.e. 1957 Desegregation Crisis) in a local, state or national region with a secondary listing for their association with significant person(s) (9 African-American students known as the “Little Rock Nine”) and a significant landmark (i.e. National Register of Historic Places/1977,  National Historic Landmark/1982, National Historic Site/1998, Central High School Neighborhood National Register Historic District: 1900-1930) in a local, state or national region as well as the tree community‟s potential to yield significant cultural information in a local, state or national history (i.e., school desegregation in the south in the 1950s).

Location: Central High School, Little Rock Tree Community
Registration: August17, 2007
Species: Oaks, pine, holly, cedar

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