Jernigan State Christmas Tree

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The Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is a native tree to Arkansas and was presented to the state from the Weyerhaeuser Company. It was planted in 1976 during the Secretary of State George O. Jernigan Jr‟s term and he chose it to serve as the state‟s official Christmas tree.

It was planted on the Capitol grounds on the east side near the front capitol steps on November 23, 1976 “for the people of the state of Arkansas as a „living‟ Christmas tree”. At the time of the planting, it was 35 years old with a height of 25‟ which would make is currently 67 years old as of last November. It has been known as the “Jernigan Tree” and as the “State‟s Christmas Tree”. A plaque was placed by the tree which reads: “Eastern Red Cedar from Saline County presented by Weyerhaeuser Company to Secretary of State George O. Jernigan Jr. Planted November 23, 1976 for the people for the state of Arkansas as a “living” Christmas tree. At the time of planting, Age: 35 years with height of 25’.”

Location: East side of Capitol grounds, Little Rock
Registration: February 13, 2009
Species: Eastern Red Cedar

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